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With a motto of "One Part Passion, Two Parts Science", Structural is obsessive about presenting food and products in a manner that is irresistible to its client's customers. The company is equally passionate about applying progressive business strategies combined with new technology to deliver innovation in all aspects of the customer experience.


Learn how Structural achieved enterprise PLM success with Aras Innovator open source PLM by managing new product development and introduction with customer requirements.


Structural Concepts Corporation is a US-based company with over 30 years of expertise designing and building innovative temperature controlled display cases. Structural's market is highly competitive, and its customers are large companies with stringent demands where 80% of Structural Concepts' orders require customer-specific custom engineered product requirements.


Structural Concepts Corporation Achieves Enterprise PLM Success (Case Study)

The growth in our business is a direct result of our innovation and focus on quality. The Aras solution provides us with the ability to further accelerate the pace of our innovation and the visibility we need to target areas for continuous improvement.

President and COO
Structural Concepts Corporation

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